Interior Design About Us

“Interior Design is equally about the individual and the environment.  Our first objective is to listen to the client and to incorporate his or her spoken or unspoken desires.  It is the human element that completes any design.” 

Drawing from the unique characteristics of each project and client, Surroundings creates environments for living that are beautiful, elegant, interesting and timeless. We consider design to be a problem-solving endeavor. Each project is a puzzle with many qualifications and constraints and one simply elegant solution.  Our designers are passionate about implementing ideas that satisfy all of the client’s needs, not our own design ideals.  Our role is to uphold the client’s intent as we move the project forward toward a unique result. 

Aligned with this problem-solving exercise, we also guide our clients through the maze of material selections, budgetary concerns, structural requirements, color philosophy and functional needs, ultimately guiding each client to the perfect design solution.    

Our Firm:

Surroundings Fine Art & Design Inc. is based in Ypsilanti, Mi.  We provide South-eastern Michigan with a variety of design services and solutions for projects of any size.  As professionally trained designers, it is our responsibility to provide our clients with insight into the latest design innovations and products while maintaining a focus on the unique style of each individual.  We have a special interest in environmentally responsible design, and the use of these products to create elegant livable spaces.  Our attention to the client’s needs and desires ensure that each design solution is innovative and unique.  As a small firm of professionally trained designers, we have the ability to provide hands-on, principal involvement from start to finish. We listen to the wishes and concerns of every client, and through many conversations and meetings, we make each project the clear embodiment of their dreams, desires and needs.