Green Interior Design

At Surroundings we recognize the importance of protecting the environment and providing sustainable products and ideas to our clients. We are committed to delivering beautiful experiences to our customers by broadening our offering of ecologically friendly products and solutions.  We strive to reduce our environmental impact in ways that range from the use of energy efficient lighting to taking design inspiration from the geometry of a mollusk shell.  Our designers take ‘green’ to the next level by turning to nature for design ideas beyond materials.


When many clients think of green materials and products, there is a perceived trade-off in terms of quality, luxury or convenience.  Sustainable design is not all-or-nothing.  The incorporation of even one sustainable finish or one environmentally conscious decision makes an impact.  Take steps to create the world that you want to enjoy in the future by creating an ecologically sound personal environment now.

For more information about sustainable design contact us to set up a complimentary consultation.