Interior Design

At Surroundings we embrace the importance of protecting the environment and providing sustainable products and ideas to our clients.


We believe that sustainability should be an essential part of every designer’s approach, from responsible sourcing of materials to energy efficiency. The design industry is constantly innovating in the field of sustainable design, allowing each of us to make impactful changes from materials to methods – without the aesthetic or budgetary compromise once associated with environmentally responsible design. We are committed to delivering beautiful experiences to our clients while striving to incorporate ecologically friendly products and solutions into your ideal design.

In many ways, principles of sustainable design can often drive the project toward optimized solutions, motivating us to examine various elements of each project in detail. At Surroundings we use practices like effective use of space, energy conscious construction methods, and the creative use of reclaimed materials as opportunities to hone the efficiency and implement aesthetically creative solutions at the same time.

For us, sustainability stretches well beyond the environmental impacts of selections to readily include social impact as well. We endeavor to make recommendations which include methods and materials produced in a socially responsible manner. We support location sources, and patronize manufacturers that promote safe manufacturing processes and socially just business practices.



Our designers take ‘green’ design to the next level by turning to nature for design ideas beyond materials.  There is inspiration to be found in everything around us, from the geometry of a mollusk shell, to the rich color palette of a waterfall.   We believe that travel, and exploration of the natural world makes us better designers and better stewards of the environment around us. 

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